Six Million Seniors Are Calling on You to Care
Long-term care homes provide physical, medical, social, spiritual and emotional support to more than 200,000 seniors across Canada. Today seniors live longer and enjoy their homes longer, which means seniors are arriving at care homes much later in years. They are arriving with more complex health issues and more physically frail than ever before. The prevalence of multiple chronic conditions and cognitive impairment among residents has increased dramatically over the last decade. Canada’s long-term care homes support people at this stage of their lives, which can include extensive or complete support with everyday activities such as getting dressed, getting in and out of bed, eating and going to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, long-term care is not seen as a priority by federal policy makers. While the Federal Government has embarked on a number of initiatives to support seniors, none of these initiatives support seniors living in long-term care.

Therefore, the Long Term and Continuing Care Association of Manitoba (LTCAM) is putting forward two key recommendations to address the aging crisis:

1. Digital Health: Supporting innovation in health care with evidence based decisions.

2. Invest in seniors’ housing where care is provided by expanding federal infrastructure funding to include long-term care and commit to funding new long-term care residences.

LTCAM and its members across Manitoba look forward to working with all federal parties to make the current six million seniors in Canada and the more than 200,000 seniors in long-term care homes, a priority.


Jan Legeros

CEO Long Term and Continuing Care Association of Manitoba and Board Director Canadian Association for Long Term Care

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