Shining a Light on Long Term and Continuing Care
Manitoba Seniors Cannot Wait!
The Long Term & Continuing Care Association (LTCAM) members, are urging all Manitobans, including all Members of the Legislative Assembly, to combat the critical and Immediate funding shortfall in long term and continuing care.

Manitoba Seniors in care are reliant on us to keep them safe; safe from COVID-19, safe from staffing shortages that threaten care. But to meet this important commitment we need funding now. In Canada 81% of deaths due to Covid-19 were of seniors in long term care 1.

Costs to implement and maintain the Public Health Orders and direction from Shared Health/RHAs are unprecedented. These additional costs have become a crippling concern for our residences. Long Term & Continuing Care owners and operators (Personal Care Homes (PCH) and Supportive Housing residences) have the responsibility to provide safe care. However, these new costs are in addition to the PCH situation of fifteen years of funding freezes, no funding for increased supplies around Infection Prevention and Control and zero annual inflationary operational increases. As well, for the past two years direct funding reductions were implemented along with other regional “cost savings measures” which, many times directly and negatively impacted our members.

Unsustainable reductions are being made in significant areas of each Personal Care Home and Supportive Housing operations to ensure sufficient cash flow is available for other items such as payroll related items, repairs and maintenance.

1 While Canada’s overall COVID-19 mortality rate was relatively low compared with the rates in other OECD countries, it had the highest proportion of deaths occurring in long-term care. LTC residents accounted for 81% of all reported COVID-19 deaths in Canada, compared with an average of 42% in other OECD countries (ranging from less than 10% in Slovenia and Hungary to 66% in Spain). Canadian Institute for Health Information. Pandemic Experience in the Long-Term Care Sector: How Does Canada Compare With Other Countries?. Ottawa, ON: CIHI; 2020.

We acknowledge that when the pandemic began in March, the Regional Health Authorities together with Shared Health, created a strong support, education and information hub for long-term care operators. However, the Manitoba Government and the Regional Health Authorities have not committed to funding any Covid-19 related incremental costs incurred due to the guidelines, directives and public health orders that we have been mandated to follow, as other jurisdictions have.

The costs related to Covid-19 are unparalleled and are mounting daily. Now we are appealing to you, future family members of those in care, and potential future residents in care; in essence all members of the public in Manitoba, to help us keep our Manitoba Seniors in care, safe.

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The Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba (LTCAM) is a not for profit corporation with over 100 members, representing over 5,000 elderly persons across the continuum of care. In 1959, our founding members consisted of a few “nursing home” owners. Today, we represent non-profit and private retirement residences, supportive housing and personal care home residences, spanning all regional health authorities across Manitoba. Our membership has tripled in the last few years and has become much more diverse. The LTCAM has, on its website, the only navigation tool to help you find the right care or home for your loved one’s needs. Go to Our Mission is to engage members and partners in promoting continuing care living options and services that support the health and well-being of Manitoba’s seniors.

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